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Brand Video Content

Video content to grow your business

Effective video content can really help your business to grow.  It can be used to position you and your business as industry experts within your sector. In 2020 the use of video and digital media to communicate to customers reached unprecedented levels.

Good video content is the best way to showcase your company, connecting directly to current clients, attracting new customers and presenting the unique brand message of your company.

Video can drive marketing, empower new customer funnels and give a huge bonus to the SEO of your website site.

In a nutshell, successful video content is a ‘must’ for any business, new or established, to thrive and survive. Video is our speciality, we capture the video content and give you as much help as you need to implement it properly. Well optimised video should work for you.

We capture content – then make it work for you

Brand Films + -

Brand Videos are designed to give an overview of your company. When done well they are a succinct and  powerful tool to attract new customers.

Insight Videos + -

Insight Films do just what they say, they offer your customer a more detailed understanding of some of the processes and the skills contained within your business. Insight Films can position a company as ‘an expert’ in a specific field purely because they put a spotlight on expertise and highlight the finer details of your business. Insight Films should be short (less than a minute), fascinating and engaging – the icing on the cake.

Social Channels + -

From the same library of captured footage, we can edit versions of films optimised for social channels and supply material specially designed for these networks.

Implementation + -

Again, we give you as much help as you require to implement all the media we create for you.

choose from a fountain of media

No two companies are the same. Our first step is always to learn about your business and to discuss how we can get video to work for you, to help you achieve your goals. From excellent captured content, a whole fountain of media can be produced. To give you an idea of how a great deal can be achieved on a moderate budget here is an insight into our rates.

1 day of capture
The cost of filming and recording on location starts at our day rate. We can capture a huge amount of content in one well planned day.
Retainers from
Small & Medium Retainers are an excellent way to continually produce effective video content to advertise, connect and position your business.  We work quickly and produce media to your exact needs from your growing content library. Short term retainers get you more time for your budget.