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Ecommerce Photography & Video

Photography & Video Designed to Sell

Customer expectations are now very high, a simple product image on a white background is enough to introduce the product, but not enough to engage your customer’s interest. or compete with your competitors’ images. All products now require strong images that ‘pull in’ the customer, that increase the desire to buy. The images you create and use on your site directly determine the success of your sales.

Product videos are now becoming standard, greatly increasing the customer conversion rate when placed on a product page.  They are multi-functional –  explaining how the product works, showcasing unique features and adding real consumer value to the product.

Working smart saves your budget

What do we mean by working smart?  We mean creating your images and videos in the most economical way. This can be done by seamlessly blending small physical sets with backgrounds from our extensive image library or by generating part of the image in CGI.  Working smart also means having a wide understanding of the ‘market place’ and creating specific imagery to stimulate  sales.

The most important part for us is working smart in a way that meets your budget.

The Way We Work + -

Every week we work with businesses, producing their product imagery and product packaging photography for Amazon, other retail platforms.

Ecommerce Packs + -

To make this easy, we produce E-commerce packs consisting of

  • Product on a white background,
  • Lifestyle image
  • 2-3 images show casing the product features

Product Videos + -

While we have the product on the set in the studio, it’s smart working to shoot a product video at the same time.  The video can be simple or more involved, but at this point  is the economical time to create it.

End to End Service + -

We supply our photography & video ready to use – optimised for your sales platforms.  If you need product media for your social channels then that is no problem, we can supply versions optimised to upload. We can give you a complete ‘end to end’ service if required.

Working to your budget

Products have varied requirements so please get in touch to talk over your project.  Rest assured we will come up with the most economical options for you. Here are some examples of prices

Simple Product Photography can start as low as £8. Volume giftware shot within a simple studio set can achieve this price.
E-commence Image Packs. To get the most sales you need Product image on white, 3 Details and a Lifestyle Hero Image. A+ Content. The price here refers to products such as Kettles, Toaster or other standard SDAs.