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Holiday Cottages & Hotels


Cottages and Hotels

Areas Covered:

Derbyshire, North Staffs, East Cheshire.

Project Costs:

Starting at £195

Holiday Cottages & Hotels: Photography & Video

It is a given fact that imagery is the main factor driving customers to select and book a holiday cottage or hotel. The quickest way to improve bookings and occupancy rates is to use a specialist photographer and videographer to capture your property and to portray it in the most attractive but realistic light.

A one time moderate investment in effective imagery is a long term asset. We create the imagery and it keeps working for you. Optimised for your booking and social media platforms, your images  are the single most important factor in ensuring a potential client completes a booking.

Before the photography session we send a ‘preparation guide’ showing how to prepare the property before we arrive and highlighting what happens on the day. The whole process takes a couple of hours for a typical 3 bed cottage or around 40 mins per hotel room.  For each room we will supply overview images and carefully composed detail images designed to ‘connect’ to the viewer.


If you are running your property from your own website then having an effective cottage video to sell the ‘dream stay’  is a great investment. Versions are also edited for your social platforms and Facebook.  Video can give a huge uplift to bookings and we can, of course, help implement the video on to your platforms.