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What we do + -

Images and Video have to work for you and give a return on investment through increased sales, additional clients or added value to you or your brand.

Ecommerce Packs + -

Ecommerce Packs are the smart way to produce the media needed in order to sell your products. If product photography and product video are produced at the same time not only are great savings made, but everything you need to sell your products is provided for you in one go. We understand what is required: We have been creating product videos and images for packaging and use on the web for many years.

Grow your Business with Brand Videos + -

If you are a business – then you need great video content. Video is the most powerful way of reaching and engaging with customers.  We film people & processes, record  interviews with key staff and clients and capture content about your business. We then edit that content and provide you with optimised, engaging videos that not only showcase your business to new customers but position you as experts within your sector.

End to End Service + -

If you do not have a marketing department nor employ a digital marketing agency, we can provide a complete marketing service, uploading optimised video content to your social channels for maximum effect. We are experts in tailoring the video to all your platforms and making your content work for you.

electrical goods photography video


We can produce effective & affordable images and video for your marketing, designed to sell your product.

Photography and video can be created at the same time to maximise on your budget.

We produce photography for your packaging, website & online listings. We can produce affordable product videos which make a big increase in your conversion rates.

We give you as much help as you need to implement this media effectively on all your channels.

Brand & Business Video Content



We listen, discuss & learn about your business. Using our wealth of experience we suggest what content to capture: the processes, people and facilities. We discuss how the media can be most effectively used online to achieve your aims.


Create Brand Content

We capture content about your business by filming, recording & interviewing at your company. We make everyone shine. From this we can create your main brand film plus so much more.


A Fountain
of media

From your library of captured content we edit a brand film, videos showing insights into processes, jobs and roles. We communicate the value of your business. Behind the scenes video, photography and even podcasts - all created from the content captured.



If you have no marketing department, then we can implement these new assets, put them to their best use online. Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We can make them work for you, connect to clients, attract new custom and enhance your reputation.

Exhibition Support Film

"Steve created a wonderful video for me .The company are professional yet relaxed .The whole experience was perfect and the outcome far exceeded my expectations and the response was fantastic .Highly Recommended!"

Keith How - Landscape Painter

Business Promotion

"We had the pleasure of working with Film Chrome35 recently and were so happy with the experience and the results. We were incredibly impressed by the time they took to understand us, what we do, and the message we wanted to convey. Our field is highly detail-oriented and is so rewarding to work with people that share that detailed focus in what they do. Couldn’t be more happy with the end product and a very easy and enjoyable process."

Iain Keeling Director - Buxton Roastary

Bricks & Mortar Shop Promotion

"Chrome 35 made a series of short films for me to advertise my shop. They did a great job and they made the whole process as painless as possible. They add great insight into their work, so the films went way beyond my expectations - really a great experience. I would highly recommend them."

Isla Dawes Isla Fine Art - Owner

Our Team_

Media Creator


With a wealth of experience in image and video production, Steve spent a large proportion of his working life as a Director within an Advertising Agency running commercial photo, video and CGI departments. He founded Chrome35 as a small independent studio with the aim of providing clients of every size with a complete and affordable media package.

Writer, Stylist & Interviewer


Obtained her English Degree at Newcastle University and is currently finishing her M.A. in Creative Writing, Bridget is also a trained stylist.  When we are recording video interviews Bridget’s skill can be essential in making the the sitter perfectly at ease and in drawing out their story.  She also works for us as a stylist on both still life and fashion shoots, having an excellent grasp of the current and future trends.



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