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Your Customer Testimonials

Marketing Gold Dust

If you are not used to it, the prospect of cameras and a microphone pointing towards you can seem nerve wracking and so you may be hesitant in asking your customers to do this for you. Don’t be. We take a low key approach in recording testimonials, our aim is to make your customers feel very relaxed and forget they are on camera.  The interview takes the form of a friendly conversation. We base that conversation around an approved list of questions and whilst chatting, draw out from the client all the good things your business does for them. It is a fun experience and most interviewees really enjoy the process.

A video testimonial by one of your customers is nothing short of marketing gold dust. Nothing convinces potential customers to try your product or service more than authentic customer video testimonials. We are experts in lighting, video capture and make your customers shine.

Every good business has serval customers that appreciate what you do for them.  Asking them to appear in a video testimonial is usually no problem and they are, from our experience, always glad to help.

Word of mouth – it’s still the best advertising.

Using the power of customer testimonials increases TRUST, CONVERSION RATES AND CUSTOMER ACQUISITION. Video testimonials are more effective than written ones (you should still use both) and can be used on all your social channels.

The process + -

Video testimonials are powerful marketing tools in their own right but we can also use them as building blocks in a company brand video – to create a bigger picture.

Recording your customers + -

Creating video testimonials is often a lot of fun for us and your customer. We provide customised lighting so that they look their best, and use great broadcast quality microphones to capture their comments. The testimonial begins as a relaxed conversation where, over a dozen or so questions, we capture on film why they appreciate your service and what problems you have solved for them.

The Edits + -

We edit the results, removing us, the interviewer, and present you with the completed testimonial for approval.  We then edit final optimised versions for you Website, Facebook, Instagram, & LinkedIn

Implementing + -

We can help you implement the results and even edit out further versions for Social Advertising Campaigns. We are here to help at all times, giving as much guidance as needed.


Once captured the customer testimonial can be put to work in many ways: Stand-alone use on Web and Social Channels  and as essential building blocks when creating effective Brand Videos and Company Profiles.

It’s not as expensive as you may think

Testimonials can simply be an interview  or they can be more involved with extra footage filmed to illustrate the relevant points made by the customer. This gives extra visual interest and impact.  We always talk over the most economical way to produce your video testimonials, but here are some example prices.

Single Customer Simple Testimonial
Simple Customer Testimonial  Interviewed on location – edited in one version for web & social channels –  with your logo, onscreen text. Economical as a stand-alone testimonial we can also use these as building blocks incorporating them into other larger projects such as Brand Films.
Multiple Testimonials
Multiple Customers. A great way to get more testimonials for your budget is to invite multiple customers to one location on the same day in timed slots.  We can capture their testimonials very efficiently. If a five were interviewed in a day this would give you a unit rate of £150 per person. If you have no suitable place for us to do this we can source and book a location for you.